Ess Kaye Enterprise! Your Partner in Bakery & Hospitality Consulting, Startups

In 1992, the passion for bakery industry in Sri Lanka blossomed through a dream of one person, With that novel idea, Ess Kaye Group was born to serve and uplift the bakery industry in Sri Lanka. BRUGGEMAN instant yeast from Belgium was like a pearl in the Indian Ocean, the very first product introduced by Ess Kaye in 1992.

To dream the impossible on behalf of our customers in the bakery and hotel sector and to serve them with the best quality ingredients, latest technology in equipment and to provide with the highest level of service, training and consultation to sustain in the industry.

Bakery & Restaurant Equipment

Ovens, Mixers, Skeeters, Display Cabinets, Bakery Ware etc.


Yeast, Dough Fat, Pan Lubricants, Bread Improver, Cake Gel, Margarine, Flavors etc


Planning, Designing & Construction of Restaurants, Bakeries both Production & Showrooms


Servicing & Repairing of Bakery & Catering Equipment

Software Application

Customized Inventory Control & Invoicing Software development, Mobile app development for specialized bakeries for a convenient bakery chain management.

Robotic Kitchens

Automated "COMBI" Chef Ovens

We are the sole agent for